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Voynich Manuscript: was the author left-handed?

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Figure 4 - Visconti-Sforza Moon Figure 4 - Folio 68r3 Moon

Figure 4 gives a comparison of two 15th century moon tarot cards and moons from two surviving early 16th century uncut woodblock sheets of Tarot cards, with examples of moons drawn on folios 68r3, 68r1, 68r2 and 87r2. The similarity between the Tarot moons and the VM moons are not as close as the sun icons. The drawings of the small stars on folios 68r3, 68r1 and 68r2 are very like the carvings of the little stars on the Afro-Portuguese ivory horn No.101.

Visconti-Sforza Moon Folio 68r3 Moon
Figure 4 - Este Moon Figure 4 - Folio 68r1 Moon
Este Moon Folio 68r1 Moon
Figure 4 - Rosenwald Sheet Figure 4 - Folio 68r2 Moon
Rosenwald Sheet Folio 68r2 Moon
Figure 4 - Cary Yale Sheet Moon Figure 4 - Folio 85v2 Moon
Cary Yale Sheet Moon Folio 85v2 Moon
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