Edith Sherwood Ph.D.

Leonardo da Vinci and the Voynich Manuscript

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Figure 3 - chart signature
Manuscript Signature
Figure 3 - mirror of chart signature
Mirror of Manuscript Signature

Figure 3 shows a comparison of the chart signature, direct and mirror image, with an authentic signature of Leonardo da Vinci, also direct and mirror image. The similarity is apparent but a writing expert would be required to confirm this. In addition there could have been the passage of a number of years between the two signatures, accounting for variations in the letters. The chart signature was written in mirror image writing while the other was not. I also show a drawing of a deer taken from one of Leonardo’s picture puzzles. There is a similarity between this drawing and the ram in the Aries chart.

Figure 3 - Leonardo's signature
Leonardo’s Signature
Figure 3 - Leonardo's mirror signature
Leonardo’s Mirror Signature
Figure 3 - mirror of ram
Mirror of Ram in Manuscript
Figure 3 - puzzle image
Puzzle Image
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