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The Voynich Botanical Plants

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folio 21v

Folio 21v, Burning bush, False Dittany, White Dittany or Gas-plant (Dictamnus albus), is a native of Southern Europe. This perennial has a fibrous root system and smooth, oval, opposite pinnately-compound leaves. White or pale-red stalked flowers grow off the end of the main stem. During the summer, the whole plant is covered with a gluey, volatile substance, which may cause the plant, in very hot weather, to ignite spontaneously—hense the name burning bush. In Exodus, “Burning Bush” is the location of the place where God instructed Moses to lead the Jews out of Egypt into Palestine. The root of this plant was once used as a remedy for epilepsies and other diseases of the head, opening obstructions of the womb, and procuring the discharges of the uterus.

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