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The Voynich Botanical Plants

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folio 29r

Folio 29r, Romaine or cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. longifolia), apparently originated on the Greek island of Cos and reached the West via Rome, hence the name “romaine.” It has a long head with sturdy leaves. When a lettuce plant begins to flower its stem lengthens and branches and it produces flower heads similar to a dandelion only smaller. Folio 29r shows this plant just starting to flower. The photograph of Romaine lettuce in flower comes from: earlysnowdrop blog site. Lettuce secretes a milky fluid from the base of its stems, known as lettuce opium. This fluid is also secreted by wild lettuce. It is considered to have sedative and analgesic properties and was used by the Ancient Egyptians.

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