Edith Sherwood Ph.D.

The Voynich Manuscript Decoded? Part II

Folio 70v Translation 

In my first article, Leonardo da Vinci and the Voynich Manuscript(xvi), I describe how the astrological drawing in Folio 70v (Figure 9) may represent the date and time of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci, at approximately 10 pm on the 15th of April, 1452. Today the word abril, below the ram, is the Spanish/Portuguese for April. In 1452, Leonardo’s grandfather used the abbreviation Abr. when he recorded the birth of his grandson(xvii) (Figure 10).

Figure 9 - Folio 70v
Figure 10 - Leonardo's Birth Certificate
Figure 11 - Folio 70v Translated

You would assume that this astrological drawing, with little ladies holding stars, represents a horoscope. What I deciphered was very different and had nothing to do with astrology or fortune telling. The outer and innermost circles of text discussed the delivery of a baby (Figure 11) and the two middle circles, the conception of this baby. This latter text is rather lascivious and I have not included it in my article. I can understand why the author wrote in code, he might have been in severe trouble had his words been understood by others.

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