Edith Sherwood Ph.D.

The Voynich Manuscript Decoded? Part II


The deciphering of these three segments from the V.M. provide a compelling case for anagrams, my modified EVA alphabet, and the Italian language being adequate for deciphering much of the V.M. text. Additional work is still required to assign all the V.M. characters to letters of the alphabet or to abbreviations. As far as I am aware this is the first time anyone has offered a meaningful translation of any word or sentence from this manuscript. Although anagrams are notorious for their ambiguity, this should not be regarded as a deterrent. This notebook was probably intended for the eyes of only one individual, the author, who knew the text and could therefore easily select the correct anagram. According to Occam’s Razor, the simplest solution to a problem is most likely to be correct, and anagrams are certainly simple and fast to use.

I feel very privileged, assuming my decoding of the VM is accepted, to be the first person in about 500 years to read a little of this fascinating manuscript. The botanical section appears to be a genuine herbal, another part of the manuscript may relate to the author’s travels. Hopefully a scholar in medieval Italian will verify my findings and decode this fascinating notebook.

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